Your Guide To Table Linen Sizing & Seating Capacity

Your Guide To Table Linen Sizing & Seating Capacity

This guide is designed to help you match the correct table size to the correct linen size. You don't want linen that's too long or too short for your table, so we've compiled this helpful table! You can also mix up your table sizes to suit guest numbers and the layout of your room. the styles to suit your numbers and room layout. 

Let's take a look at the below table, which shows how many guests will fit at each table and the corresponding linen size.

Round Tables 

For round tables, we recommend our 3ft Round Table (Folding)Table Half Round 4ft (Folding)4ft Round Table (Folding)Table Half Round 5ft (Folding)5ft Round Table (Folding) and 6ft Round Table (Folding).

Rectangle Tables

For rectangle tables, we recommend the Table Rectangular 6ft x 30inTable Rectangular 8ft x 30inTable Rectangular 4ft x 30inTable Rectangular 6ft x 36inTable Rectangular 8ft x 24inTable Rectangular 4ft x 24inTable Rectangular 8ft x 18inTable Rectangular 6ft x 24in.

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31st Mar 2023

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