Caterhire's Essential Guide to Glassware Hire for Events

Caterhire's Essential Guide to Glassware Hire for Events

Introducing the Essential Guide to Glassware for Events! We at are experts in Glassware, with decades of industry experience in events hire. Whatever the event, choosing the right glassware is an important part of event planning.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll help you navigate glassware and glass hire, from understanding the various types to considering factors like your menu and theme. Let’s go through some the most popular types of glassware for events….

Wine Glasses

When serving wine, using the right wine glasses is important. Wine glasses are designed to enhance the sensory experience and taste. Opt for stemmed glasses for both red and white options. Red wine glasses have a larger bowl, which allows it to release its aromas. White wine glasses feature narrower bowls. This helps the white wine to maintain its temperature.

Champagne Glasses

When serving sparkling wine like champagne or prosecco, opt for champagne glasses with tall and slender shapes that help to keep it carbonated. Or you may wish to opt for a coupe-style glass, which features a wider bowl for a generous pour and allows the drinker to swirl, enhancing the beverage’s flavour.

Beer Glasses

If you’ll be serving beer, pint glasses are essential, and are ideal for serving ales, lagers and stouts, making them a versatile choice. You may also wish to use snifter glasses, which are ideal for stronger ales.

Cocktail Glasses

For cocktail glasses, one of the most popular choices is the iconic martini glass, which features a sleek design and a wide, shallow bowl. It’s used to serve martinis and cosmopolitans.

For taller, mixed drinks like mojitos or gin and tonics, opt for highball glasses/slim jims. These glasses offer additional space for ice, mixers and garnishes such as lemon.

For neat cocktails or cocktails over ice, check out tumbler glasses, ideal for straight spirits such as whiskey.

Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are perfect for serving shots or small measures of spirits, ideal for allowing guests to sample new spirits or encourage guests to toast.

Speciality Glasses

Additionally, you may wish to serve beverages such as aperitifs or digestifs. Check out our selection of gin balloons, sherry glasses, Irish coffee glasses, port glasses and more in our Speciality Glasses range!

Water Glasses & Non-Alcoholic Beverage Glasses

Ensure to offer a selection of glassware for serving water, fizzy drinks/minerals fruit juices and cordials. These can be served in Water & Beverage Glasses.

Tailor Your Glassware to Your Menu.

When choosing glassware for your event, consider that it should be in cohesion with your menu. Three-course menus will require water glasses, water jugs and wine glasses, and any event with a bar will require an additional glassware selection, including beer glasses, cocktail glasses and speciality glasses.

Tailor Your Glassware to Your Theme

The ambiance of your event will determine the type of glassware you rent. Opt for sophisticated, refined glass types such as our Sensa range for events where you wish to create an elegant aesthetic and atmosphere. Hosting a more laid-back gathering? We recommend opting for durable and unpretentious glassware that blends seamlessly with the casual ambiance, such as our Cabernet range.

Decide on Quantities

Once you’ve decided on which selection of glassware you want, it’s time to determine how many of each glass you’ll need. A general rule of thumb is to estimate two drinks per person for the first hour of the event, and one drink for every hour thereafter. Check out our Blog: How Many Drinks Do I Need? Your Complete Guide to Bars & Beverages for ANY Event for more! We also recommendallocating an additional 10% in the event of breakages.

Glassware Accessories

In addition to your glassware, it’s important to consider accessories that’ll help to make your event run smoothly, including:

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26th Mar 2024

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