At Caterhire, sustainability is a key consideration in our operations, and we’re conscious of reducing our carbon footprint as we continue to promote an eco-friendly culture in our workplace and business.

As an events hire company, sustainability is at the forefront of what we do, continually giving equipment a new lease of life and minimizing our environmental impact. When our products reach the end of their useful life, we either recycle or repurpose them for other uses within our business.  

From recycling waste and going paperless to installing LED lights, we’re always looking to implement more sustainable practices, and we understand that even the smallest of steps are significant in helping us do our bit for our planet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

The four R's

To support our commitment to sustainable development, we aim to make the four "R"s of sustainability a core part of our company’s values.

As an event hire company, our products are reused extensively before reaching their end-of-life. 

We focus on the 4 ‘R’s of sustainability which our core to our company values;

Reusing: Our wide range rentable items, ranging from linens to furniture, is designed with durability in mind for repeated use. We champion reusability and take pride in providing items for hire that extend beyond a single event, ensuring they enjoy a prolonged life cycle. 


Repurposing: At Caterhire, we are dedicated to extending the lifespan of our equipment and furniture. Through maintenance, repairs and repurposing, we ensure that each item continues to serve a purpose long after the curtains have closed.


Recycling: We’re committed to diverting waste from landfill through recycling products and materials such as plastics and steels. 


Reducing: We’ve implemented measures to reduce packaging for our hire items, and embraced a digital approach by showcasing our full product hire range online, reducing paper usage. We’ve also reduced our energy consumption by installing LED lighting throughout our offices and warehouses, and installed state-of the art dishwashers and washing machines to reduce our water consumption by 30%, detergent usage by up to 50% and energy consumption by up to 3 kWh per hour. We also have a GPS system installed on all trucks allowing reports to assist with route planning and management, ensuring we’re taking the most efficient routes and clustering our collections and deliveries.

Our Sustainable Products 

We have sourced over 90% of our products from Europeans suppliers. All our Chivari chairs are made in Europe and FSC-certified timber and are subject to ISO9001.


All of our new furniture and LED furniture uses recyclable plastics where possible. 


We are commited to work together and help create a sustainable future for our planet.