​What Size Tables Do I Need for my Event? Table Sizes and Seating Guide

​What Size Tables Do I Need for my Event? Table Sizes and Seating Guide

When you’re setting up your dining area for any type of event, it’s vital to be aware of the appropriate table size and seating capacity for each. This will help to ensure that your guests are comfortable and your event runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Here at, we’re experts in event hire, and we’ve curated this guide to help you on your event planning journey. Read on for more!

What Table Do I Need?

Before we begin to discuss capacity, firstly, you’ll want to decide on the type and shape of table that you wish to seat your guests at. There are many types of table options for all types of events.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Table:


What space is available in your chosen venue? What is the layout like? Is your table choice accessible for all guests, including those with mobility issues? Ensure ease of movement for your attendees as well as having sufficient space between each table. These are some key factors to consider when choosing a table. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend allowing 24 inches of space per person seated at your table. You may wish to opt for less space than this, but keep in mind that it will be less comfortable for guests.

Event Theme/Style

The style of event and the ambiance you wish to create will help to determine your table choice. Consider whether you want a smaller, intimate gathering or a more extravagant event, which may require larger tables.

Types of Tables

Round Tables

A round table is an apt choice for promoting social interaction amongst guests. It’s also an ideal choice for seating a larger number of guests, as round tables help to maximise seating capacity thanks to the absence of corners. Their shape can also be more suitable for irregular and awkward layouts, helping to ensure efficient flow of guest traffic throughout the event. Common sizes for round tables generally range from anywhere between 36 inches (3 feet) to 72 inches (6 feet) in diameter.

Rectangular Tables

Rectangular tables are a great choice for seating guests in narrow, long rooms. They’re also ideal for sharing-style platters, encouraging a sense of community amongst guests. These types of tables also offer a linear canvas for showcasing centrepieces. Typical sizes for rectangular tables include 6 feet by 30 inches, 8 feet by 30 inches and 10 feet by 30 inches.

Cocktail Tables:

Cocktail tables are most ideal for events where guests will be standing for most of the event, making them a suitable option for cocktail parties, drinks receptions and more casual get-togethers. They’re generally taller than dining tables. Standard sizes are around 30 inches to 36 inches in diameter.

What Size Table Do I Need?

Check out our seating capacity guide below, based on our tables for hire at!

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12th Apr 2024

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