Why hire a wedding planner and what they can do for you

Why hire a wedding planner and what they can do for you

In her third and final guest blog exclusively for Caterhire, World-renowned wedding planner, Tara Fay shares the benefits of hiring a Wedding planner and what they can do for you. From budgeting to helping you create your dream wedding. Tara identifies the key reasons many people choose to hire a Wedding planner. 

Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

Wedding planning is one of those strange occupations that people normally associate with the movie father of the bride. There is also a lot of confusion around what a wedding planner actually does and what is the difference between a wedding coordinator in a hotel.

In a recent article in Brides magazine, the journalist attempts to list the differences between a planner, coordinator and stylist.

In Ireland however, we sometimes confuse the role with a hotel based coordinator. Essentially their role is to look after the venue and its role in your wedding, they will require a list of all your suppliers so they can factor these into the running of the day. They are not your personal wedding planner or coordinator and whilst some will give advice on overall wedding look and design, it is not their primary job.

Your Personal Assistant for your Wedding

A wedding planner is essentially your personal assistant for your wedding planning. Their role is to advise you and guide you through the quagmire of decisions that you are being bombarded with. They act as your advocate, stylist, accountant, designer, therapist, best friend. But most importantly they are on your side.

In another Brides article, the advantages of hiring a planner are listed with everything from the discounts they can achieve for you, through to having your back in the planning process.

A planner has seen most things, they have years of experience and if they cannot answer your question or query they will know someone who can. I always say that you don’t hire a planner for when things are going well, its for the awkward times or challenges you have your planner.

They help to make a plan on what your wedding will look like, formulate a budget to cover all aspects. Source and confirm all the various wedding professionals that are required to bring your vision to life. Produce a realistic timeline for not just the lead up to your wedding but also the day itself. They act as the buffer between you and all the elements of the wedding, taking the lead from you they guide you through so that you get to enjoy the whole lead up to what is one of the most exciting days of your life.

Wedding Planning during Covid-19

Currently, the world is turning on its axis due to the Covid 19 crisis and wedding planning for many is taking a back seat. However, those of you engaged still want to get on with the task at hand. In a recent article for Harpers Bazaar in the US, 15 International planners were quoted on how you can tackle the planning head-on during this time.

Remember planners can help with many aspects of a wedding and we are all available on a hourly basis for a quick check-in if you don’t want to have a planner for the full wedding.

With most suppliers, it's up to you to do your own due diligence on your planner’s experience and most planners are very happy to provide references to you upon request. Not every planner is right for every bride and vice versa. It's important that you have a rapport with your planner as it’s a bond built on mutual trust.


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15th May 2020 Caterhire

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