Top 5 BBQ Hire Tips You Need to Know

Top 5 BBQ Hire Tips You Need to Know

BBQ Hire Tip #1: Find the Perfect BBQ

BBQ Hire Tip 1

The very first thing you need to do before getting on with your party planning is finding the perfect BBQ for you! You can either buy one or if you aren’t ready to make such an investment, you can always find a BBQ for hire. Either way, finding a reliable BBQ hire that meets your needs is extremely important. Consider your needs and utilities, there are enough and more for you to choose from. All the way from portable BBQs to stainless steel grill tops, you can find them all.

BBQ Hire Tip #2: Make Sure You’ve Got the Basics

BBQ Hire Tip 2

While the prospects of a BBQ are enticing, it is important to make sure you do not overlook the basics in your excitement. Without the basics, your BBQ won’t get too far. Make a list to remember to locate your BBQ lighter or charcoal, BBQ gas and burner ring, kitchen tongs (always keep one spare), grill cover, etc. And obviously, take care of the meat. Don't have enough crockery & Cutlery? You could always hire them and we even do the wash up for you!

BBQ Hire Tip #3: Outdoors or Indoors?

BBQ Tip 3

Something you should probably take an executive call is whether to have the BBQ completely outdoors or semi-outdoors. The weather changes every second and you never know when the heavens will decide to rain down on you. If you’re keen on the indoors, make sure you have patio space to prep and good contact with your guests. You don't want to be stuck outside with no connection while they're having all the fun! If you are outside, get a small fire going or consider hiring a patio heater.

BBQ Hire Tip #4: Pay Attention to Décor

BBQ Hire Tip 4

The decor can be both fun and daunting at the same time. Consider your workflow and make sure you have enough furniture to put the food on and enough chairs for everyone to take a seat. You can even set up stations for drinks or salads etc.. Bring out all of your patio furniture and make an outdoor living room for your guests to enjoy. Table hire isn't expensive and can help create that extra space you need.

BBQ Hire Tip #5: Don’t Forget About the Kids!

BBQ Hire Tip 5

If your BBQ guests include a lot of young kids, don’t forget about them. While most adults will be content with a cold one and a bit of conversation, kids will want something to do. Arrange for small party games and garden games in and around your backyard to keep the little ones occupied. Nobody wants them running around helter-skelter on a lawn with an open grill with meat on it.

Keep all these tips in mind while planning your next or first BBQ of the season. Remember the point of it all is to have a good time under the sun, so don’t get too bogged down with the details and getting everything just right. Kick back and relax. Happy BBQing to you!

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22nd Apr 2021 Caterhire

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