Top tips for hosting a Communion Party at home 2024

Top tips for hosting a Communion Party at home 2024

It’s an extra special year this year, we can finally plan for our child’s Communion without worrying if the date will change. We have missed our families being able to come together and celebrate milestones in our children’s’ lives. And now we can finally put that date in our family and friends’ diaries and look forward to it. If you are planning to have your child’s Communion at home this May, now is the time to start planning and looking at communion party ideas. This is your child’s big day, and you should be part of that day and enjoy it. With this in mind, we have put together our top tips on hosting a Communion Party at home.

Your first steps are:

  • Firstly, decide on your numbers. How many people can you comfortably entertain at home?
  • Agree you on your budget
  • Decide whether you are going to have a buffet or a sit-down meal
  • Book your catering if you are planning to have caterers. You will need to book these well in advance.
  • Get invites ready
  • Book entertainment, entertainment can get easily booked out in advance.

Once you have your first steps in motion you can then get working on the fun part!


Decide whether you want to organise caterers or cook the food yourself. If you’d like caterers, book them in advance as they can get booked out very quickly. Buffets are great for Communions; they’re cost effective and easy to manage and all your guests can help themselves. If you need communion food ideas, here are our top tips:

  • Keep the dishes simple and suitable for self–service
  • Prepare food that does not require too much “last minute” attention or preparation
  • If you serve hot food, make sure that you have enough chafing dishes to keep food hot
  • Don’t be “shy” to delegate – ask family or friends to bring a selection of desserts/salads that are suitable for self-service and appeal to all ages
  • Consider any allergies and diet restrictions (vegetarian/vegan)

Setting up for the day

Plan your event around the space in your house. What rooms can you use to layout tables and chairs for your guests to sit down, eat and be entertained?

Depending on your numbers, you may need to hire tableschairslinencrockerycutlery and glassware. Have them ready a day in advance and make sure you have enough and possibly and few extras for any unexpected guests on the day.

CaterHire can provide everything for your special day. If you need ideas for a communion party at home, look no further than! You can rent furniturecrockery, cutleryglasswarelinens and much more for your party. CaterHire also stock children’s furniture and games. Take the stress and hassle out of your day and have everything delivered, collected and even washed up for you when the party is over.

We have a dedicated page to help you plan your Communion Party at Home including fantastic packages for you to choose from .  


The usual option for activities at a communion party is a bouncy castle which is always a winner for the kids. However, this has been a bit overdone in recent years, plus it encourages a total separation of kids and adults.

A magician, children’s entertainers or a disco in the living room is also a good idea as it will keep the kids together in one room especially if the weather is not good.

Garden games are also a good alternative option. Giant garden games like Connect 4Giant JengaFuzz Ball and Snakes and Ladders are all available to rent from (Click Here)

Choose a Theme

Choosing a colour theme or a particular style will help you to organise things a lot easier. This will give you a clear direction on your choice of decorations, flowers, tableware and linen. We have a large range of tableware from our plain white crockery to our new tablescape crockery giving you plenty of choice. Flowers, balloons and bunting can be purchased at a low enough cost and can be put up around the house with minimal effort. Don’t forget napkins and tablecloths.

Have a Back Up Plans for Wet Weather!

It may be the summer, but the weather is not always nice! It might be an idea to have a Gazebo or covered area for people, if they will not all fit comfortably in your house just in case the weather turns bad. CaterHire has a range of gazebos and outdoor furniture for hire. 

And finally enjoy the day!

To have the perfect Holy Communion party at home call CaterHire at 01-2943111 or drop into our showroom located in Sandyford, Co Dublin for more Communion ideas.

9th Mar 2022 Samantha

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