Choosing Summer Wedding Flowers in Ireland: An Exclusive Interview With The Studio Florist

Choosing Summer Wedding Flowers in Ireland: An Exclusive Interview With The Studio Florist

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Our new Summer Wedding Series offers an exclusive peek behind the scenes of crafting unforgettable moments. Whether you're a couple embarking on your dream day or a seasoned wedding planner seeking inspiration, we at CaterHire have teamed up with a selection of industry experts to share valuable insights of planning the perfect day .

Today, CaterHire is delighted to sit down with Julieanne Walsh, the creative powerhouse behind The Studio Florist & The Foliage Florist in Dublin.

About Julieanne

Established almost a decade ago by Julieanne, The Studio Florist was founded in Sandymount, and has since blossomed and relocated to Glenageary. Specialising in grand-scale corporate events and weddings spanning across Ireland, Studio Florist is renowned for its versatility in various venues, ranging from castles to homes and hotels.

Complementing The Studio Florist is The Foliage Florist, a seasonal venture that accentuates the beauty of Irish-grown foliage. Known for crafting wreaths and table garlands, Foliage Florist offers florals for occasions such as Christmas and Easter.

Can you tell us about the most popular floral trends for 2024?

Sure! We’re seeing a move away from that structural, architectural type flower, bouquet and centrepiece . We’re seeing more of a shift towards lighter florals, more meadow-esque, more movement . We’re also seeing a move towards smaller flowers. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more delicate stems that move easily and have much less structure.

What colours are trending for this summer?

We’re definitely getting many enquiries about less colour. So a lot of all-white weddings. We’re also seeing a commitment to one palette, eg. all lilac with a pop of a much darker purple hue.

We’re also seeing a lot less foliage, although we do have some weddings with just foliage and no flowers at all.

What do you recommend for a timeless, classic wedding floral? What’s your go-to?

I recommend leaning into what’s seasonally available. There’s no point in looking for peonies in November! Take the advice of your florist. Once you have your colour palette picked, it’s much easier to choose your florals.

We’re all aware of the importance of sustainability, especially when planning large events. What do you do to try to be more sustainable?

We don’t use oasis anymore in our designs. We use chicken wire and tape in our footed bowls and designs. And we reuse our standard poles and lend to other florists and borrow from other florists. For weddings, many people are having their entire wedding in one venue. So you can re-use wedding arches and other florals from the ceremony for the reception. And we always recommend the bridal party and guests bring the florals home the day after the wedding. If there’s a day two celebration, we can reuse the wedding day flowers for this.

You’ve got impeccable style & taste. What would be your personal style for florals?

Studio Florist’s style is plentiful! We love to have a lot of flowers, and we have a very organic, non-structured approach for flowers. We love to order what’s seasonally available.

What type of bouquet would you recommend?

This is very much a personal choice, but as mentioned, we’re seeing less of that traditional-style bouquet and a more free-spirited approach to wedding florals , like a more modern version of a cascading bouquet. We’re definitely seeing more Lily of the Valley bouquets this year, which are very delicate and petite. Just be conscious that this is an expensive flower, especially as you need a lot of it!

What’s your favourite piece to hire from CaterHire?

I absolutely love the Venezia range! It’s a very simple design that goes with everything. It’s just beautiful and light. It’s clean and crisp, complementing our florals beautifully.

Want to know more? Julieanne can be found at The Studio Florist. Tune in to our next instalment of our Wedding Series for more nuptials inspiration!

20th Feb 2024

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