Wedding Marquees

Hiring a Marquee Wedding in Ireland

So you have decided on a marquee as your wedding venue.  This is what you need to ask when choosing a marquee for your wedding.

How big do I need my Wedding Marquee to be?

This answer depends on a number of factors which include the following

  • How many guests will be sitting down to dinner
  • Will your guests be served or will there be a stand up buffet
  • What extras do you need room for floor, break-out area, bar, staging for band
  • For a buffet event,  without arranged seating, you will need a minimum of 8 square feet per person
  • For a seated event you will need a minimum of 15 square feet per person
  • For example a 12m x 12m marquee accommodates 130 seated guests and 200 buffet guests

Your chosen marquee company will know the answers to the questions above.

Where does the marquee go?

Your chosen marquee company will survey your site and select the best area to erect your marquee.  Ease of access and how level the surface is will influence the cost of the marquee.

What do I need to go inside my marquee?

You will need to consider the following as a minimum:

  • Hire Trestle / Hire Banquet Tables – Round / Rectangular
  • Hire Catering Equipment
  • Hire Wedding Chairs (from basic Chivari to luxurious Chameleon)
  • Hire Linens
  • Hire Crockery, Glassware, Cutlery (this may be organised by your caterer)
  • Hire a Dance Floor
  • Hire a Bar & Bar Accessories
  • Hire Couches and tables for wedding “afters”  guests arrival
  • Arrange Lighting, draping, centre pieces, flowers, candles

What about lighting and electrics?

Your marquee company will organise this for you – lighting is so effective especially at night time – you might consider lighting outside the marquee as well as some outdoor furniture.  You will more than likely need a generator to power the kitchen equipment and toilets (if required).

Do I need a floor?

In most cases you will need to fully floor the inside of the marquee – speak with your marquee company about this.  You can choose from hard flooring or carpet for extra luxury look.

How can I make my marquee extra special inside?

Because you are choosing a marquee you have the perfect opportunity to totally transform your wedding venue.  You can be as creative as you like – choose contemporary or traditional linings for the walls and roof of the marquee, hire luxurious linens and elegant chairs or chair coverings.  Contact a speciality company such as Caterhire who are experts in wedding marquee fit outs.

Will my garden / grass be ruined?

There may be some discolouration to the grass, but as most marquees are in place for less than a week the grass will recover very rapidly.  Your marquee company will do their utmost to respect your property.

I have a pond/tree in the centre of my garden – can I still have a marquee?

Many homes have an obstruction of some sort in their garden and in many cases they can be incorporated into the marquee and can actually create a unique and effective finish.

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