02 Jan 2019

Best 8 Wedding Favours

Best 8 Wedding Favours

Need help choosing wedding favours for your guests? Look no further because we’ve compiled a list of the best 8 wedding favours. Wedding favours that your guests may actually use!

Wedding favours are a little way of expressing your gratitude to your guest for coming to your wedding. They show your guest that you’ve put some thought and effort into acknowledging their presence, so let’s have a look at some of the best wedding favours we’ve found.

1. A Personalised Drink

Do we need to tell you how great these are? Choose a little shot of something and personalise with a note. Even better, if you know your guests favourite tipple, then you’re definitely on to a winner! Alternatively, you could source miniature bottles from an off licence but we thought this was a great opportunity to personalise a wedding favour and cut on costs too!

Available:  then simply go to your local printers to print labels.


2. Jams or Conserves 

Who doesn’t love jam on toast for breakfast? Show your sweetness with a little jar of conserve.  If you’re a foody then these heart-felt preserves could work great. They also keep for a long time, so your guests can enjoy it over a couple weeks or even months. Make a couple of flavours so your guests have a choice. Personalise by tying a little thank you note around the jar. Voila, the perfect wedding favour. 

Available: .html then simply go to your local printers. or a priceier ready made version available at Not on the High Street


3. Irish Handmade Soap 

We just love handmade soap and with a shaving version available they can be the perfect wedding favour gift for both male and female.  Although we do hope that the Irish companies start to produce smaller versions. It’s definitely worth looking into.

Available: Irish handmade Soap , Irish Twins Soap 


4. Tie & Bow Tie Photo props

If you simply want to go for something for a bit of fun these wedding favours are sure to get your table active and up for a laugh! If your guest happens to leave them behind you won’t be too upset at any effort gone in.  For €10 these kits contain 12 props so it’s an economic but fun choice!

Where to buy: Favour lane 


5. Survival Kit

Not that we’re promoting excessive drinking but help your guests either on the night or for the day after a fun and memorable night… These kits are practical and fun and can be personalised as much as you want. Check pinterest for some great ideas of what you could put into your bags. 

Check out favour lane  or Party Parlour for nice boxes. 


6. Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are definitely in and if you, your partner or your guests are gym lovers then this could hit the spot! Personalise them for your big day and rest assured, they won’t go to waste. Make sure to keep the design clean and simple.

Available: Fluid Branding, , 


7. Lottery ticket 

Now this is one idea we love! Its economical and it can be packaged really nice with some cute messaging 'Good luck on our wedding Day', 'Lucky in love?' 'Maybe we're not the only ones to hit the jackpot!' You can go for a euro millions or Irish lotto or just a scratch card. This is a favour that won't be left behind. 

Available: cute cover can be bought at Not on the High Street  or you can organise with your local printer. 


8. Chocolates

If nothing else is tickling your fancy and you want to play it safe, you really can’t beat a nice chocolate wedding favour. O Briens do a lovely box of two for €1.80 or individual ones for 30c. It’s a safe and reliable choice, sure to be used!

Available: O'Briens




So that's it, our best 8 wedding Favours. we hope you found some inspiration! 




Photo Credits:

Water bottle:,,

Shot bottles:  Heather Waraksa

Jam:  Canning Crafts

Honey: The Schultzes

Hangover kit.

Tie & Bow Tie Photo Props Favour lane

Irish Handmade Soap Photo: Paula McGloin, home fragrance and Bellamere Winery , irish twins Soap company


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