08 Oct 2018

Classy Halloween Dinner Party Table

Classy Halloween Dinner Party Table

Classy Halloween Dinner Party Table 

If the thoughts of throwing a Halloween party freaks you out, don’t worry you’re not alone! Not everyone is inspired by the darkness of Halloween or the quality of the traditional décor. 

If you would like to have a gathering of friends or throw a dinner party with a touch of class and intrigue then look no further! We’ve decided to glam it up and show you how to dress a classy Halloween dinner party table – just for the adults!

Here are our top Classy Halloween Dinner Party Table Tips


1. Black Table Linen

For a Halloween Table we love black table linen or black table runners. We always recommend that you put a protector underneath to reduce sound and damage. Go plain, go patterned it doesn’t matter. We’ve even had a tip to sprinkle flour if you wanted to go that far, although it sounds more messy that effective! If you want to rent linen here is the link. Here are options with cloth and with runner. 

With a back table runner: 

and with cloth:

2. Black Crockery

Black crockery can make a real statement. Our planning partners always use black to add mood or drama to a table setting. It's also perfect for a Halloween table setting. If you don't have black crockery don't worry we rent here for less than a euro per plate. 

Black Crockery


3. Charger plates

You can’t underestimate the impact that a charger plate can have. Choose your main colour that you plan to accompany the black. We recommend rusty colours, coppers or deep greens. Then see can you find charger plates to match. If not, the best piece of equipment you will buy will be a bottle of matte black spray paint! You will use it for everything on your table!


4. Pumpkins

What Halloween party is complete without a few pumpkins? If you want to stay clear of the traditional orange for your classy Halloween party table then spray paint it black! Yes, spray it. 

5. Lighting

The atmosphere will be heavily dictated by the effort you put into your lighting. Something so simple can have such a great impact. To ignite the festive atmosphere for your classy Halloween dinner party table, we recommend candles, candles and more candles!! Old wine bottles, clear or sprayed black or candelabras.


6. Cutlery & Glassware

While not always possible, having matching glassware and crockery can add a special touch of class. Gold or copper work so well with this look!



6. Accessories

There are lots of accessories you can use to dress your table including charger plates, candelabra, greenery, flowers and pumpkins but our favourite find was this fabulous blog article by designer Justina Blakene that details how to create a Halloween Party Table on a budget. She goes as far as buying cat ornaments and spraying them black! Its definitely worth a read! 


And that's it! Our top tips on how to create a classy Halloween party table! If you don’t think you can purchase all of these within a budget, CaterHire rent tables, chairs, linen, glassware, crockery, cutlery, chafer units, charger plates, candelabras.. the list goes on!



- Kate LeSueur, SHDW Studios
- Jungalow Blog,




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