11 Jul 2018

7 Winter Flowers for Wedding Bouquets

7 Winter Flowers for Wedding Bouquets

Fewer flowers are in bloom in winter this is true, but having a winter wedding does not mean you have to sacrifice on the flowers. In today’s global market seasons don’t affect availability so much however for budget reasons you are best to try to stick with flowers that are seasonal and locally available in the winter months. There are a vast range of beautiful winter flowers available for wedding bouquets. Have a look.

Winter flowers for wedding bouquets

1. Gypsophila (baby’s breath)

Gypsophila is a real charismatic plant due to it’s graceful appearance. Kate Middleton used this for her elgant bouquet!  It is simple, delicate and most importantly it is an inexpensive winter flower to add to your wedding bouquet.


2. Anemones

Anemone flowers have a simple, daisy like shape with some featuring double flowering. They are commonly called wind flowers and come in a huge variety of colours. With over 120 species to choose from you’re sure to find an anemone to suit your big day.


3. Carnations

Carnations, gleaming their name from the ancient Greek coronation ceremonies are actually called Dianthus caryophyllus. They are a charming flower that have ben used romantically for centuries with people believing that different colours represent different meanings. They are delicate, durable and long lasting. No wonder they have held their position as a floral mainstay for centuries.


4. Roses

Roses have a long and colourful history. They have been associated with love and beauty for centuries. There are over 150 species of the genus rosa so you are sure to find one to fir for your big day. This symbolic flower has held rank as one of the most beloved bridal choices for the big day.


5. Gardenias

Bright white with sweet fragrance, Gardenias are often a keen choice for wedding bouquets. They are stunning for arrangements but be warned they are delicate and have a strong scent which may not suit every bridal party! These flowwers are associated with several meanings including purity, love and refinement, which makes them an appropriate choice for wedding occasions.


6. Ranunculus

There are over 500 species of Ranunculus to choose from including the familiar buttercup! There are several variations that are show stoppers in terms of beauty. The Ranunculus Accolade, the Ranunculus Rhone Pink, Ranunculus Tango to name a few. These variations look almost too perfect to be real. Their exquisite, rose-like blossoms display layer upon layer of silky petals making them a popular choice for brides. 


7. Amaryllis 

Unlike most flowers aforementioned, the Amaryllis has only two species. They come in a wide variety of colours from crisp white, pale pink, deep orange to rich burgundy. The dramatic blooms are lush and elegant, a perfect choice for a winter wedding bouquet.


So that's it! Some really gorgeous flowers there. If you're looking for foliage in season we've been told that these are the best:

  1. Olive leaf
  2. Gypsophila
  3. Limonium
  4. Hypericum
  5. Queen Anne's Lace
  6. Dusty Miller
  7. Silver dollar Eucalpytus
  8. Seeded eucapltyps
  9. Myrtle
  10. Silver brunia
  11. Lotus Pod

Happy planning! 


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