15 Mar 2018

Planning Food for a Communion Party at Home – a Step by Step Guide

Planning Food for a Communion Party at Home – a Step by Step Guide


To cater or not to cater

Planning food for a communion party at home is probably the most intimidating part of the event. It can be very tempting to plan a menu and bid to do all of the cooking yourself but while it all sounds achievable in theory, it can be a real recipe for stress.

Remember, on the day you will have to get your child (or children) ready, make yourself presentable, leave the house semi presentable and be at the church for the actual service with your presentable family. You don’t want to be worrying about whether you left the hob on as you’re watching your child recite the Hail Mary!

It is definitely worth considering a professional caterer. What it adds on in expense, it takes away in stress. We are happy to recommend more caterers if you wish to phone our office 012943111



Finger food is simple in theory but it can end up quite expensive. There is also a limited space in the oven at any given time and there is always the worry that people will still be hungry. 

A safe bet would be to choose:

  • 4 main dishes (or 2 mains and 2 cold meats)
  • 3 sides (potatoes, rice, pasta)
  • 4 salads (potato coleslaw, green leaf, Mediterranean, & pasta salad)
  • 4 desserts.

(Suggested meals listed below) 

Step by Step Guide to Planning Food for a Communion Party at Home

Well in advance:

  • Pre-book catering equipment, games or entertainer.
  • Ask 4 relatives to bring a salad or a dessert each.
  • Be specific so you are not getting the same dishes.
  • Pre-book your cake with a baker if you are not baking it yourself.
  • Plan your menu and start to compile your shopping list now.
  • Make sure you have dishes/ceramics etc that can hold the cooked food in the fridge after you have the mains cooked.

3 days before:

  • Do your shopping. Make sure your list is thorough so you are not running out the day before!
  • If you have any house jobs to be done, today is the day.

2 days before:

  • Make space in the fridge or book space in a friend’s fridge.
  • Confirm with relatives about the salads or desserts.
  • Confirm cake with nominated baker.

1 day before:

  • Cook 4 mains dishes, allow to cool and refrigerate.
  • Pick up catering equipment 

Evening before:

  • Lay out table & chairs (You’re eating standing up in the morning!) Dress the tables.
  • Try to dedicate one table as a serving table to lay out the dinners in a buffet style.
  • Lay out plates, cutlery & napkins.
  • Lay out catering equipment (Chaffer units, serving bowls etc)
  • Set out playing stations if you have space. So, an area for cars, an area for jigsaws,etc. Even if it’s in the bedrooms. The more organised you are about playing space, the less the children will spread toys organically. Trust us, this really works! If you want to push the boat and hire some cool games we have some great giant toys like jenga, connect 4 and lego.

Morning of the communion:

  • Have your potatoes, rice and pasta in saucepans and ready to put on for when you return.
  • Double check that the serving table has everything it needs.
  • Most importantly try to remember that it’s a special day for your little one. It’s really important to get your little communion person to the service stress free, for their sake.

After the service:

  • Once you have returned home you can put on your potatoes, rice and pasta.
  • Ask relatives to leave their salad dishes on the serving table.
  • Re heat your 4 mains thoroughly & put in serving bowls or chaffer units.
  • Lay out your sides in serving bowls.
  • Bon Appetit!


If you're using Caterhire equipment, we even do the cleaning for you! 


Here are some classic mains to consider: (links included)

Communion party food

Here are some classic desserts to consider:



Catering equipment to consider hiring: (links included)

Our experienced staff can talk you through your peronsal budget and needs (012943111 or email


Some Games to hire: (links included)




And that's it!! Again, our experienced staff can walk you through all your options, just call 01 294 3111


Check our seasonal offers page to see if you can avail of any discounts! 


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